Monday, December 13, 2010

Hajj for Humanity

In the Hajj, Muslims of all races, sects, and politics join in a pilgrimage of international tolerance and peace. In this spirit, the “Hajj for Humanity” Foundation will enable citizens of all beliefs to work together, with appropriate sponsors, mentors, and colleagues, on projects for at-risk, impoverished, underserved communities worldwide, improving infrastructure, environment, education, health, food/water security, etc. Our shared journey can, and should, help individuals build a sustainable future for self, family, community, and our interconnected world. 
From the Dalit in India, Baekjeong in Korea, Burakumin and Ainoo in Japan, groups of Javanese in Indonesia, refugee or disenfranchised groups in Southeast Asia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South Americas... the projects and programs, digital archiving, learning, and communication capabilities, and hope for a better future enabled when we work together, from all our cultural knowledge and skills, to create a more secure and sustainable journey can encompass any bottom-of-pyramid, at-risk, developing, differently-abled, or otherwise marginalized group. With a common desire, a linking language, and shared talents, we can bridge past, present, and build to a new future. 
The challenges are global, and the possibilities for viable solutions must be as well.